– CEO of One of the Web’s Fastest-growing Sites Talks Domain Name Strategy

Shaul Olmert is the Co-Founder and CEO of, one of the fastest-growing sites on the web. PlayBuzz is an open network that allows users to create and share playful content. In the following interview, Shaul gives insight into what has made PlayBuzz grow so quickly and how the company’s domain name played into that.

Key quote: “We are firm believers that your domain name needs to reflect your vision in a way that is coherent to your target audience and sets the proper stage for a meaningful exchange between a business and its customers.”

DNA: Can you tell me about

png1-300x124.Shaul: PlayBuzz launched in December 2013 and within a few months became one of the 130 most popular web sites in the US according to Quantcast. Our goal is to enable every publisher, blogger and influencer to offer content in the most engaging and viral formats. We have created a set of content templates (and are working on many more) that help cater content in a fun, engaging way and by that making it highly shareable. The results are staggering: we were adopted by thousands of web sites, small and large, and topped 20MM MAUs without spending any money on marketing. Web sites that embed our content (whether created by their editorial staff or by any other member of the PlayBuzz network) make their site more viral, engaging and popular.

DNA: Why the domain name

Shaul: We view the name as a very important component in our users’ perception of who we are and what we do, and hence- a key component of our brand strategy. The name brings together the two elements that make us who we are. We are about playful content, hence ‘play’, and we are about what’s interesting, viral and current, hence ‘buzz’. Our brand promise is “Play The Content You Love” – we provide end users a way to engage with content in a manner that creates a truly engaging experience for them. We believe a gamified packaging is the best way to serve content so it’s most acceptable and appealing to consumers.

DNA: How has your user-base reacted to the name?

Shaul: We are delighted to see that our users immediately “get” us, and the name PlayBuzz plays a bug role in that. Users often comment on our product and content from the perspective of alignment with our vision. We find that they intuitively grasp what our vision is, even though nothing was written about us yet, and we haven’t made nay public statement about what that vision is. Our users often say that our name speaks for itself and that’s why we’re so proud of it- it explains not what we do, but what we want to achieve.

PlayBuzz Screen

DNA: What process did you go through to acquire the domain

Shaul: We acquired the domain through from its previous owner. Through their messaging system we exchanged notes, negotiated price and were able to buy it for a reasonable low four digit USD price. It was a smooth and well organized transaction.

DNA: What domain name advice can you offer other businesses looking to make a fast impact?

Shaul: Often companies choose a domain name for SEO considerations. While SEO best practices change frequently, your domain name is not only a tactic for search spiders to crawl your content, it is also your first statement about your business goals and values. We are firm believers that your domain name needs to reflect your vision in a way that is coherent to your target audience and sets the proper stage for a meaningful exchange between a business and its customers. It is a common mistake to use very descriptive domains for SEO purposes. We chose not to go the route of UGC-QUIZZES-POLLS-LISTS, but to have the domain name point to the essence, the experience, the core value we strive to serve. Evidently, that resonates well with end users and helps us establish a clear message and accurate expectations.



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